Globalese 4.4.1 released


Some issues with the Bulgarian ↔ English stock corpora have been fixed.The English → Bulgarian stock engine has been retrained to reflect the improvements in the underlying stock corpus.Very large segments (are usually the result of incorrect segmentation in the source) are handled better.When...

Globalese 4.4 released

What's new

A new System settings page enables system administrators to decide whether or not Globalese should store one active plus one inactive version of engines. If this settings is turned on, it is also possible to configure whether or not the latest version...

Globalese 4.3.2 released


We have improved the transparency around the engine lifecycle. The Engines page now has a new column to show how long each engine has left before they get deprecated (which means they cannot be used until retrained).E-mail notifications received after successful file translation events...

Globalese 4.3.1 released


Fixed a regression where fewer segments from the auxiliary corpora were used for translation than the optimal volume.Corpora could not be merged.Duplication of engine versions in the relevant API response.When translating into French, the â character caused words to split.


Engines having a...

Globalese 4.3 released

What's new

We wanted to make the lifecycle of an engine easier to keep track of and more transparent to our users. A new Versions tab that does just that has been added to every engine. This is similar to the existing Versions tab for...

Globalese 4.2.2 released


Stock engines could not be selected to for a project, even if the engine actually did exist.Empty and locked translation segments were counted as billable in Trados Studio files when translated through the file-based plugin.Large Trados Studio files could not be uploaded for translation.

Globalese 4.2.1 released


The wrong stock engine was loaded for translating files in some cases.Newly trained engines could not be deployed for text translation.Corpora could not be imported from Memsource.Uploaded corpora or XLIFF files whose name starts with a non-ASCII character had the special character trimmed in...

Globalese 4.2 released

What's new

Billing administrators can now set a budget to help monitor monthly spending. When a budget is set, e-mail notifications are automatically sent to the billing contact e-mail address whenever the current monthly spending reaches 50, 90 and 100 per cent of the budget...

Globalese 4.1.2 released

Minor improvements

Engines trained with version 4.1.2 and above deployed for text translation now accept xml as a format.In the rare event of a subscription getting suspended due to non-payment, all users are made aware of this as soon as they log in.


The format...