tekom 2023

Tekom 2023 is fast approaching! Come visit our booth at 2F68 for a chance to discover our AI-enhanced, customizable machine translation engines featuring dynamic terminology support.

tekom 2022 conference

Finally an onsite event. See you in Stuttgart at the tekom 2022 conference. We are happy to welcome you at our booth 2C63.

tcworld conference 2019

Meet the Globalese team in Stuttgart at the tcworld conference 2019. Visit our booth 1A03, and learn more about how custom neural MT engines can help you to save costs and speed up the productivity of your translators.

Translation Forum Russia

Meet Globalese in St. Petersburg at the Translation Forum Russia between 23-25 August. Gabor Bessenyei, CEO of Globalese will give a presentation about automated metrics for MT quality and pricing models for MT post-editing.

Meet Globalese at GALA Munich!

The Globalese team led by CEO Gábor Bessenyei is looking forward to meeting you at the GALA's annual Language of Business conference in sunny Munich. Photography by Anrie - Created and uploaded by Anrie., CC BY-SA 3.0, Do you have questions to us about Neural Machine Translation? Wondering about expected ROI after a NMT...

Live Webinar: Deploying Neural Machine Translation in the CIS

[lead]How has Neural Machine Translation (NMT) changed the world for the countries of CIS? [/lead] Neural Machine Translation has changed the landscape for many languages and regions. In the era of Statistical and Rule-based Machine Translation, output for many languages spoken in CIS countries were of...

Tekom Fair18 Stuttgart

Meet Globalese at the Tekom Fair 2018 in Stuttgart between November 13-15. Visit our booth B02 in hall C1 to learn more how you can benefit from Neural MT technology and custom neural engines. We are looking forward to meet you in Stuttgart.  

Globalese at memoQfest 2018

Meet Globalese at the memoQfest on 30 May - 1 June 2018 in Budapest, Hungary! If you are interested how Globalese can help you to improve your translation performance and save costs, please contact us to arrange a meeting with Gábor Bessenyei, CEO. See you soon in...